Information about Marriage Management

Information about Marriage Management

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The Wedding Management software allows you to organize your wedding from A to Z. It offers more than 72 printable states and 103 marriage laws. In addition, it allows you to export your documents in Excel, Word and even HTML formats.

Via the organizational modules, you will be able to prepare a schedule, but you will also be able to access questions and answers on the main legal topics. What to answer all the questions that we ask ourselves. A general summary is also provided to have a report on the financial situation and the information on the invited persons at any time.

Finally, the software has an email to store personal notes, as well as links to websites to complete its database.
The entirely French interface is easy to use and allows you to quickly find what you need. The software accompanies you step-by-step in your steps.

The communication plans

We must send the announcements 1 month before the date of the wedding.
The couple wants us to be discreet about their marriage because of their notoriety in the region. External communication is therefore limited.
We are planning a questionnaire to survey guests about their impressions.
We will not communicate our fees to the couple.
The detailed budget

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